About Us

We are a group of people who share the love of flying and a love of airplanes – ultralights, light sport planes and PPG’s in particular. Technically, we exist as EAA Ultralight Chapter 114. Many of us hangar our own ultralight or light sport airplanes.  We can provide information on obtaining flight instruction and on maintaining aircraft engines and airframes.  Our first priority is safety and we are committed to protecting the environment at the field and anywhere we fly.  We sponsor ongoing projects to teach interested members in the art of experimental aircraft design and construction.

We welcome anyone who shares this passion to join us in the learning and the fun. We have monthly meetings at 10:00AM the first Saturday of every month in our clubhouse at Nichol’s field and invite anyone interested to join us (SDUA Membership Application).  In addition, we plan other events throughout the year and details are shown on the Calendar page.  Note:  Aircraft use of Nichol’s Field requires prior approval by the President.

2023 Officers

President – Bill Barlow
Vice-President – Kevin Casson
Secretary – Gene Kendall
Treasurer – Mark Novak

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